S2. Ep. 3. The Other One About Anger!

The Man Talk Podcast
The Man Talk Podcast
S2. Ep. 3. The Other One About Anger!

Show Notes

In the book “Emotional Intelligence,” Daniel Goleman describes how anger causes blood to flow to our hands, making it easier for us to strike an enemy or hold a weapon. Our heart rate speeds up, and a rush of hormones…creates a surge of energy strong enough to take “vigorous action.”

In this way, he says, anger is ingrained into our brain to protect us.

What else do you know about the feelings and thoughts lurking underneath anger?

In this episode  we take a look at: 

  • A technique to help you make sense of what’s underneath anger.
  • How to calm the farm and decrease the power of anger.
  • What to look out for in particular to determine if you need some help.

Emotional Intelligence – Daniel Goleman
The Anger Iceberg

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