S.2 Ep. 4 – How To Tame Your Brain – 8 Steps to Control Emotions

The Man Talk Podcast
The Man Talk Podcast
S.2 Ep. 4 - How To Tame Your Brain - 8 Steps to Control Emotions

Show Notes

Losing control of your emotions is often described in a variety of terms.

Such as:

  • a “hissy fit” 
  • “throwing a tantrum”
  • “ fit of rage” 
  • “losing the plot” 
  • “out of control “

There are a few psychological terms that describe losing control of emotions. They include: 

  •  ‘’Flooding”’
  •  “Dysregulation”
  • “Flipping your lid” 

Essentially, it’s the experience of emotions spinning out of control?

Whether triggered by an argument, a professional or personal failure, anxious about someone u love, extreme levels of stress, uncontrolled emotions can lead to things being said and done in the heat of the moment.

So how do you get back control, or

  • “calm the farm”
  • “chill ya beans” 
  • “settle your kettle” 
  • “gentle your lentil”

It’s all about Emotion Regulation.

In this episode we will: 

  • Explain what happens in your brain when you are ‘flooded’  ‘dysregulated’ or flipping your lid”
  • Define Emotion Regulation
  • Describe the Benefits of Self Regulating
  • Provide an 8 step process to Regulate your emotions

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The  Hand Model of the Brain – Dr. Dan Siegel

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