S1. Ep. 3 Intimacy – It’s not just about sex – is it?

The Man Talk Podcast
The Man Talk Podcast
S1. Ep. 3 Intimacy - It's not just about sex - is it?

Show Notes

There’s a common myth that says men think about sex every 7 seconds!

That’s more than 500 times an hour! And more than 8,000 times during the average day!

Men can get fixated with sex or physical affection sometimes above and beyond emotional closeness.

The truth is that men, women and all genders share the same needs for deep connection physically and emotionally.

In this episode we take a look at:

  • Types of Intimacy
  • Definition of emotional intimacy
  • Some Common Obstacles
  • Why Emotional intimacy so important?
  • 4 Steps to Build Intimacy

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