Men Showing Up Makes a Difference – Here’s How

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Men are showing up in healthier ways now more than ever before. 

A few years ago I had the pleasure of presenting a workshop to new and expectant dads at a baby expo. 

I had attended this same event as a new dad 17 years earlier. There were very few men in attendance. 

Men like me who were there found themselves in the minority. 

We were hiding at the back of the hall!  Sat in the bar holding bags of goodies, supping a beer, or a latte, checking the bank balance as our expectant partners roamed the stalls with dollar signs in their eyes!

Visible Men 

This time around thousands of men showed up.

Yep, some guys walked around with dazed looks as they absorbed the hundreds of services, products and toys on display.

Others were engaging with fresh-faced exhibitors being seduced by discounts and hype.

There were men carrying their newborns, testing out the latest all-terrain strollers, taking their young ones to the animal enclosure.

And there were the men who attended the workshops.

Being present

The blokes at my workshop listened intently and talked enthusiastically. Somewhat of a relief for me! 

It struck me how they wanted to be more visible and present for their kids, their partners and indeed for themselves. 

This workshop highlighted how relationships and family in particular were so important.

The men discussed these 2 areas of life. 


Being visible in our relationship means we are present, expressive, playful, caring and interested in the lives of our partner.

When we show our thoughts, feelings, hopes, dreams, fears and vulnerabilities we  influence the depth of intimacy with our partner.


We show up in our families when we express our affection and increase involvement in our kids lives.

By the way so much research says the more we do this we are significantly influencing our children’s social and emotional development.

What are some other ways to show up in life? 

Here’s a few thoughts in the infographic below.

How do you show up?


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